Terms of use and privacy policy

General – Terms of use and legal restrictions

1.    Welcome to the SESHAT publishing house website.

2.    Please read the instructions and conditions listed below carefully, as any user or party interested in taking action on the website declares that they have read these conditions, understood them, agrees to their instructions and undertakes that he, nor anyone on his behalf, shall have no claim or demand towards the website owners and/or towards any on their behalf. “Action” means – browsing the website, using the website, participating in activities that SESHAT will perform on the website, purchasing a book or service on the website.

3.    Any entry to the website and/or use of the website, such as a purchase, reading, registration – mean that you accept these terms (hereinafter – the “Terms”), that you acknowledge your consent to them and declare that you have read and understood them.

4.    The terms are worded in masculine for convenience only, but they apply to both sexes alike.

5.    The use of the website is not authorized for those who do not agree to the conditions specified in these terms. If you do not agree with any of the terms, please leave the website immediately.


About the website

6.    The website was established by Mr. Assaf Azulay (hereinafter “the website owners”). His contact details are: 1 Haviva Reik St., Tel Aviv, 6761717, for WhatsApp: 054-5703006 Email: contact@seshatph.com

7.    The website has an online store for the sale of printed books in various languages.


Website use and copyright

8.    The website owners allow you to view the content, material and services offered on the website (hereinafter -“Materials”) and make use of them for non-commercial and personal use only.

9.    No use of the website may be made for any illegal purposes.

10. All rights in this website are reserved to the website owners. It may not be reproduced, copied, photographed, publicly displayed, recorded, translated, sold, creating derivative works, creating any product, products or material, store in a database, transmit or receive by electronic optical or mechanical means any part of the material contained on this website. Commercial use of any kind of material contained on this website is strictly prohibited except with the express written permission of the website owners. The materials on the website are protected by copyright law and any unauthorized use of any material on the website may constitute a violation of copyright laws, trademark laws and other laws.

11. It is strictly forbidden:

– Use any information collected or stored on the website, without the express, prior written permission of the website owners.

– Produce, copy, reproduce, photograph, scan and/or make any other offensive use of the website, its contents, the products that appear or are sold on it.

– Insert content and/or upload information and/or content and/or files and/or codes and/or software that may change, harm, interfere or damage the website and/or websites linked to it and/or the information contained therein and/or any property rights of the website owners, writers, or any third party.

– Display and/or publish and/or plant on the website content that is defamatory and/or threatening and/or offensive.

12. In the event that any of these terms are violated, the right to use the website shall automatically expire, and you will be required to immediately destroy any material originating from the website. The website’s owners reserve the right to refuse any user access to the website or parts of it, at their sole discretion and without prior notice in a case where there clear is danger of an unwanted action being taken by the user. The website’s owners may, and without any prior notice, shut down access to the website for any user, group of users, or the general public. This shutdown can be carried out with or without prior notice, and for any reason.

13. The owners of the website reserve the right to close the website and/or stop its activity and/or change the structure, appearance and availability of the content that appears on it, at any time, and for any reason.

Unless expressly stated otherwise, everything stated and appearing on the website, including the structure of the website, its appearance and the manner in which its contents are presented, is the exclusive intellectual property of the website owners.

Information compilation

14. In order to receive the services offered on the website, the user shall be required to provide contact information details (hereinafter – “personal information”) that will be used by the website owners to provide the services offered, including use for business and administrative purposes, as well as contacting the user for the purposes of marketing and advertising,  directly, by phone, mail and/or e-mail.

The user will then be asked to provide additional information for the purpose of conducting the transaction, such as name, address, e-mail, telephone number and credit card number. The username and personal password are for the user’s use alone, and he is required to maintain their confidentiality. In any case, the owners of the website will not be held responsible for any invasion of privacy that is caused due to such unauthorized use of your username and personal password. The user is aware and hereby agrees that all information provided to the website owners at the time of registration to the website and/or resulting from his activity on the website, including information compiled about the user while browsing, shall be stored on the user’s database of the website, and permission is given for the website owners to compile such data.



Protection of privacy

15. The personal details provided by each of the website’s users as part of filling out the “Personal Details Form” on the website, shall be subject to the website’s privacy policy.

16. Filling out the registration form constitutes your consent to the fact that your details and any data produced on the basis of an analysis of this information and any information about it that has come and/or will come to the knowledge of the website owners, will be kept in one or more databases. The owners of the website shall not give your details to third parties, except in each of the cases listed below:

(1) If required to do so by a court order, or by law; (2) if he receives a notice of legal action against him resulting from actions taken by the user, and in any dispute, claim, suit, demand or legal proceedings, if any, between you and the owners of the website; (3) In the event the website merges with another entity – the owners of the website will be entitled to transfer your details to the other entity, provided that this other entity accepts the provisions of this privacy policy; in the event of the transfer of your details to another entity as aforesaid, the owners of the website shall give you notice; (4) if a claim or suspicion arises that the user has committed an act and/or omission that harms and/or may harm the owners of the website and/or anyone on their behalf and/or any third parties; (5) if a claim or suspicion arises that the user has violated any of the terms of the regulations and/or any agreement with the owners of the website and/or anyone on their behalf; (6) if and to the extent required for the operation of the website, such as the transfer of information to employees, subcontractors and other entities involved in its operation; (7) for the purposes of marketing, advertising, promotion and sales, in any way, including by way of direct mailing or any means of communication deemed appropriate (including in writing, by telephone, in a computerized manner or by other means); (8) for the purposes of managing the website, encouraging loyalty, analysis and statistical research, conducting surveys and any other online use of the website; (9) for internal needs, such as the investigation of complaints and/or reviews; and (10) for the purposes of mailing marketing and advertising material, including through the use of “cookies.” The user shall have no claim or demand towards the owners of the website in connection with the submission of details, as stated.

17. As aforesaid in section 15 above, use shall not be deemed to be an invasion of privacy. It is further agreed that such information will be considered the property of the website owners, and you hereby waive any claim for use and/or ownership of such information, including waiver of any claim under the Privacy Protection Law,5741 – 1981. The website owner will not be considered in breach of privacy or infringing on user privacy due to any information, as defined in the Computer Law 5755 – 1995, which may identify or track a user, and which results from the use of electronic media in general and computer communications in particular.

18. You hereby acknowledge that you have no legal obligation to provide your personal information, and that the above information is provided of your own free will and with your consent. You expressly agree to the above use of your personal information and confirm that its use will not be considered a violation of privacy, or demand any kind of compensation.

19. If you object to the use of your personal details and/or you wish to remove yourself from the database and/or you request not to receive inquiries via direct mail; notify the website owners.


Saving information

20. The owners of the website do not undertake to keep the personal information and the final product after the end of the contract with the customer.

The owners of the website may use the information you provide for the purpose of analyzing statistical information and providing it to other parties (such as for the purpose of examining the number of visitors to the website, segmentation of shopping habits, generic segmentation, etc.) in order to improve the website’s activity and services.

21. Communication networks, computers, servers and websites are vulnerable to attacks and attempted hackings by various parties. The owners of the website take various security measures in order to maintain the privacy of the information entered by the website’s customers, but this cannot be completely guaranteed, and there may be security breaches and interceptions of the information. The owners of the website do not guarantee that the services and information on the website and the website servers (or third-party servers used) will be completely immune from unauthorized access to the information stored on them. By browsing the website, registering and uploading content and/or information, the website’s customers hereby release the website owners and/or anyone on their behalf from liability for any damages caused to them and/or anyone on their behalf due to attacks, hacking attempts and interception of such information, and waive any claim against the website owners and/or any party on his behalf in this regard.


Subscribe to our newsletter

22. All users of the website and/or the store and/or application (hereinafter “the users”) who enter their e-mail address in each of the various forms on the website, do hereby authorize the website owners to mail and send them advertising material and messages in various media from time to time. The website owners undertake not to transfer the mailing address to a third party, except for the mailing company and/or an external marketing company which the website owners have chosen for the newsletter.

23. When sending a return email to the website owners, where the word “remove” is written in the subject line, the website owners undertake to remove the email from which the message was sent from the mailing list immediately, and not to send more emails to the same address.



Limitation of Liability

24. All books on the website are offered for sale as they are (as is), in accordance with the website owners’ decision, and with no obligation or responsibility of any kind taken by them. You shall have no claim, complaint or demand towards the website owners regarding the nature of the use and/or the limitations of the website and/or the effect the website may have on you. The owners of the website are not responsible for the reliability or accuracy of the content displayed on the website, and shall bear no responsibility for the materials and their correctness. The owners of the website may make changes to the content of the website or parts of it without prior notice, and at any time. There is no obligation for the content to be up-to-date, and the website owners do not undertake to update it. Use of the website will be at your sole risk. For the avoidance of doubt, it is clarified that the owners of the website or those on their behalf will not bear any responsibility in relation to the website and any damages, such as mental distress, discomfort, loss etc., directly or indirectly caused to you and/or your property and/or any third party, due to the use of the website and its services. The website owners are not responsible for the content of the ads, including banners and/or any marketing/advertising materials on the website. This responsibility is the advertisers only. The owners of the website are not responsible or party in any way of the content on the websites whose links (“links”) appear on the website, in any respect, whatsoever. Referral to these links involves leaving the website, and therefore the website owners are not responsible for these websites and/or their content. The decision to access these websites is the sole responsibility of the user, and he should review the terms of use of these websites, and follow them. The website operates on the Internet and/or any other platform that will be developed in the future, and therefore depends on various factors such as infrastructure and communication providers, servers, storage and more, which may cease to operate due to various factors. The owners of the website are not responsible for the proper operation of the website and/or its continuous operation, and will not be responsible for any damages, direct or indirect, mental distress, etc., that may be caused to you or your property as a result. The owners of the website do not guarantee that the website will operate indefinitely, and they have the right to close the website temporarily, or permanently at any time, and at their sole discretion.


Trademarks and links to external websites

25. It is possible that the website will use the names of different companies and/or links to different websites and/or different products that are trademarks and/or registered or unregistered trademarks of their various owners.

Use of the website as a user does not grant you any rights in the trademarks of the owners of the website and/or third parties appearing on this website.

The owners of the website may use “cookies” in order to provide the users of the website with a fast and effective service, and save them the need to enter their details.

26. The website owners do not guarantee that all the links found on the website will be correct and will lead to an active website. The website owners are not responsible for the content of websites that are linked to on this website.

The services on the website

27. Any user may purchase the books offered on the website.

28. The owners of the website reserve the right to make any changes to the website (including its closure), the information presented on it and these terms of use at their discretion and without any prior notice. The owners of the website may also stop or change the books offered on the website, or some of them, with no prior notice. The owners of the website will not be liable to the user or to any third party for damages and/or losses due to the changes listed above.



29. You hereby agree to compensate the owners of the website and/or their customers and/or any other person or body on their behalf for any damages and/or loss caused to them by you and/or anyone on your behalf, including attorney’s fees and/or legal expenses, due to use of the website while violating the rules and regulations, the website’s terms of use and its privacy policy.


Site regulations


30. The owners of the website do not guarantee the availability in stock of all products listed on the website.

31. Without derogating from the above, in the event that factors and/or events beyond the control of the website’s owners delay and/or prevent the sale of books in full or in part, in any way, and/or the delivery of books on set dates, and/or if they impair computer and/or phone systems and/or any other communications factor needed for the completion of the acquisition process, and/or due to hostilities and/or strikes and/or shutdowns and/or army mobilization of reserve units to a special extent and/or lockdowns and/or any other factor that constitute a force majeure will prevent and/or impair the process of purchasing the books and/or supplying the books, the website owners may notify the as to the cancellation of any purchase, in whole or in part.

32. In the event of an error in printing, product and/or price description, payment terms, product images or any other print materials, or in data received from an operation taken on the website, website owners may, but are under no obligation to, cancel the specific purchase.

33. The prices of books on the website, the terms of delivery, the prices of delivery, the number of payments and any other data on the website are the sole discretion of the website’s owners, and they alone shall have the right to change these from time to time, without prior notice.

34. Any user who makes a purchase transaction on the website hereby declares he has a valid means of payment from one of the credit companies active and acceptable by the banks in Israel. If the participant is acting for a corporation, he hereby declares that the corporation was lawfully incorporated in the State of Israel, and the participant is authorized to act on behalf of the corporation and bind it.

35. When performing an action on the website, the participant will be required to provide a few personal details, such as: full name, I.D. No., telephone, address, e-mail and credit card details. If the participant is a company, he will be required to provide additional details such as company name and company number.

The submission of false personal information is a criminal offense, which gives the website owners the right to take various legal actions against the submitter of false information, as well as full indemnification from the submission of false information, for all direct and indirect damages caused by it.


Purchasing on the website:

36. The website allows users to purchase books through the clearing company’s system, and the amounts of money that are cleared are transferred to the website owner’s account.

37. The website owners do not keep identifying details of the cleared credit card number (except for the last 4 digits). These details are passed on to the clearing company for the purposes of clearing the transaction only.

38. The owners of the website disclaim any responsibility for the clearing and its security. Please note that the payment page on the website is secure. In case of any problem regarding the payment, method of payment or additional charges, please contact the clearing company.

39. The owners of the website shall hold  no responsibility, directly or indirectly, for any case in which a transaction and/or browsing on the website may not be carried out, in part or in full, for any reason, and will not be responsible for any technical and/or other problems affecting the website.

40. Physical products purchased will be the sole responsibility of the purchaser as of the date of receipt of the item from the shipping company.

41. The prices indicated on the website legally include VAT. The owners of the website reserve the right to change the prices from time to time at their sole discretion.


Cancellation of transactions

42. In accordance with the website’s product exchange policy, subject to the Consumer Protection Law, 5741 – 1981, any product purchased on the website may be replaced, subject to the following conditions: (1) The product is in new condition, unused and in its original packaging. (2) The customer has a replacement note and/or receipt. (3) The product can be replaced within 30 days from the date of purchase of said products (which appears on the receipt). In exchange for the returned products, a replacement product will be provided in accordance with the amount listed on the receipt or according to the value of the replacement note.

43. Cancellation of a transaction will be made in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law 1981, provided a request to cancel a transaction is sent by e-mail to Contact@seshatph.com with the purchase date and the date and other identifying details.

44. In the event of a typographical error, spelling error, error in product description and/or price, error in payment terms, product images or any other information, including the receipt of the buyer’s details, the website owners may, but are not obligated to, cancel the transaction.

Miscellaneous and summary

45. The users of the website declare and undertake that they are aware of the terms of use and privacy policy of the website, and agree to its instructions, and he or she or someone on their behalf shall have no claim or complaint, directly or indirectly, against the website owners.

46. The owners of the website reserve the right to change the terms of use and regulations from time to time with no prior notice.

47. The law applicable to the terms of use of this website is Israeli law. The courts in Tel Aviv have the sole authority to hear disputes concerning the website or the stated in these regulations.

48. These terms of use are the full agreement between the website owners and the user in the context of the website and the services offered on it. These terms replace any contract and/or offer that preceded it in any form of communication, including oral, written and/or by any electronic means between the user and the owners of the website and/or anyone on their behalf, in connection with the website and the services offered on it.

49. The website owner reserve the right to change these terms at any time.