Telling Stories Wrong

Gianni Rodari | Beatrice Alemagna

Once upon a time there was a girl named Little Yellow Riding Hood, or maybe Green?

On her way to her aunt, or maybe her grandmother, she met a giraffe, or maybe a horse?

“Telling Stories Wrong” was written by Gianni Rodari (1920-1980), one of Italy’s greatest children’s book authors in the 20th century. His books have been translated into many languages and have been successful all over the world.

Rodari takes a story as familiar as “Little Red Riding Hood” and uses it to stimulate children’s imaginations. He leads them beyond the tale they already know to see how many possibilities open up through storytelling together.

“Telling Stories Wrong” strongly supports our belief that the dialogue between an adult and a child is critical in the development of children’s natural skills, in particular creativity and imagination.

The story is accompanied by the wonderful illustrations of Beatrice Alemagna, known for her award winning book “What is a Child”.


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Original publisher: Edizioni EL |
Translator(s): Alon Altaras | Janan Bsoul |
Publication: 2022 |
age: 3+ |
Pages: 32 |

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