Anyone Can Do Anything

Madalena Matoso

A unique book that promises and delivers!

This book blurs the roles between the creator and the reader, allowing children to be constantly active and engaged.

Thanks to its unconventional format of turning pages back and forth, the book allows us to invent an almost infinite number of stories. By flipping over the top and bottom parts of the page, we “create” figures of grownups and children of different ages and genders, in a variety of shapes, colors and situations.

You’re always invited to mess everything up and start all over again.

Free of text, this picture book is an ode to our human capabilities, regardless of gender or color, and to the art of storytelling and imagination.

Let your child feel the magical power of being a creator!


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Original publisher: Planeta Tangerina |
Text: Tal Nitzan |
Publication: 2023 |
age: 3+ |
Pages: 30 |

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