Here they Come!

Sylvie Neeman | Albertine

H E L P!!! They are coming…

That’s it, I hear them.

It’s them, I’m sure…

Should I hide in the closet?

Maybe I’ll hang on to the lamp?

Maybe I…

Too late. Here they are.

That’s it, I see them!

But who are we talking about? Who can this beautiful, young woman be afraid of? A herd of wild and scary animals? Bloodthirsty monsters? And who is this young woman? Why doesn’t she run away?

A humorous book for the beginning of the school year told from the teacher’s point of view, for whom the first day of school can be scary as well.


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Original publisher: La Joie de Lire |
Translator(s): Nir Ratzkovsky / Salman Masalha |
Publication: 2022 |
age: 4+ |
Pages: 40 |

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